Payment Terms for Business Billing Account:


  1. Payment Due Date: Payment is due no later than within 30 days from the date of your invoice.
  2. Accepted Payment Methods: We accept payments via check, electronic funds transfer (EFT), or credit card with 4% credit card processing fee additional on each invoice. Please ensure that payments are made in the currency specified on the invoice.
  3. Late Payments: In the event of late payment, a late fee may be assessed. Late payments may also result in the suspension of credit privileges until the outstanding balance is settled. Delinquent accounts may be turned over to a debt collection agency for further action.
  4. Credit Limit: Each customer will be assigned a credit limit based on their creditworthiness and payment history. Exceeding the credit limit may result in the suspension of credit privileges.
  5. Billing Inquiries: For any billing inquiries or disputes, please contact our accounts receivable department at 678-215-6789
  6. Credit Application: To apply for a business credit account, please complete this credit application form and submit it.
  7. Approval Process: Once your credit application is received, it will be reviewed by our credit department. Approval is subject to creditworthiness assessment and may take up to 14 to process.


With a business billing account with us, you agree to adhere to these payment terms. If you have any questions or need further clarification, please don’t hesitate to contact us.