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Thank you for your choosing Atlanta Air Authority for your heating, cooling, and comfort needs. We are proud to partner with the GreenSky consumer credit program. GreenSky is a consumer loan company focused helping home owners with their costly home improvement needs. They work quickly so that you’re not left out in the cold.. or heat for that matter, this is Georgia after all!
GreenSky may be used for residential, commercial, and even rental properties. Loans up to $55,000 and flexible payment options.
You’re going to need some information to apply but it’s simple and quick and we’re here to help. It’s simple, this should be everything you need to get started!
  • You’re going to need our merchant number: 81062507
  • Greensky will ask you for a reference number. You could use your address or phone number if you like but if you can please use one of the following numbers:
    • Your AAA account number
    • Estimate Number
    • Job Number
  • Now that you have the numbers you’ll need, please visit the following link: atlantacomfort.com/financing/, or click the link in the menu above labeled GreenSky Financing or call 855-707-4925 to apply
  • Fill out the required personal information, they will notify you instantly of your approval and credit limit. Now to check your email!
  • You will receive an email (Check you spam!) that will have a digital credit card in it. It’s a picture of a credit card front and back. This credit card is not a typical card. It has very limited use. Please forward that email with the card to our secure account greenskycredit@airauthority.biz
  • Call or email us to schedule the requested work.
For further questions about your GreenSky account please contact GreenSky at either 1.800.357.1558 or service@greenskycredit.com. You may also visit greenskycredit.com/consumer to learn more about your account and payment options.

“Excellent service! Great prices!! We will use them for all our HVAC needs.”

Laura Robison Steiner - April 29, 2017
Home Advisor Screened and Approved

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