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Atlanta Air Authority Limited Labor Warranties

Standard Service Repair Warranty:

Atlanta Air Authority warrants repair craftsmanship for 30 days from the date of service. Should a repaired or replaced part fail, we will return to evaluate the failure at no cost for the trip/diagnostic to the customer. Should the failure not be related to the warranted service or repairs, the customer may be charged for the trip/diagnostic fee at Atlanta Air Authority’s discretion. Warranties for parts are honored at the manufacturer’s or distributor’s discretion. If a part warranty is denied, Atlanta Air Authority is not responsible for the cost of replacement parts.  Atlanta Air Authority makes no warranty for parts.

Warranty void if another individual, licensed contractor or unlicensed person, services or performs work on the unit. Damage or unit failures caused by any of the following actions are not covered under the Parts and Labor Warranty:

  • Corrosion from pet urine or chemicals, such as lawn care chemicals
  • Damage or failure due to improper clearance of the unit from brushes, shrubs, trees, fences, or other obstructions
  • Damage from lawn mowers, weed eaters, or other machinery
  • Damage caused by lack of basic maintenance from not changing filters regularly, failure to keep outdoor coil clean and free of debris, and neglecting 12-month service tune-ups
  • Accidental damage from home improvement projects whether the project is taken on by the homeowner, a licensed contractor, or unlicensed contractor. Examples include nails through the cooper line set, damage from changing roof shingles, clogged evaporator coils from sheetrock dust or floor sanding, etc.
  • Damage, product failure, or odors caused by nature or other accidents beyond a customer’s control are not covered by any 10-year Extended Parts and/or Labor Warranty:
  • Chewed wires or hoses because of domestic pets, livestock, wild animals, or rodents
  • Foreign objects or creatures stuck in machinery or other components, including ants or other insects stuck in contactors
  • Vandalism or theft
  • Damage resulting from floods, heavy rains, or any other water damage not caused by faulty installation
  • Damage or failure caused by severe weather
  • Smoke or fire damage
  • Damage or failure caused by power surge or lightning strikes
  • Frozen drain lines on condensing furnaces and humidifiers are not covered if properly installed.
  • Any extended Parts & Labor Warranty covers mechanical failure of the unit’s components, not damage or failures resulting from accidental damage or neglect. 

Further warranties and Equipment change-out warranties:


All materials, parts, and equipment are only warranted by the manufacturers or suppliers as provided for by manufacturers or suppliers in writing; Atlanta Air Authority does not warrant materials, parts, or equipment beyond such manufacturers’ or suppliers’ warranties.

Please note that Atlanta Air Authority, Inc. is not responsible for the integrity of any existing equipment or existing components. This includes (but is not limited to) water piping, gas piping, ventilation piping, electrical wiring, electrical panels, duct work, etc. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein, Atlanta Air Authority is not responsible for, and does not warrant, any damages which are outside of its control.  Issues such as clogs, leaks, and water damage can occur at any time due to reasons outside of our control, such as insects, debris, weather, etc. For this reason, we cannot be held responsible for such damages.

Atlanta Air Authority warrants the labor on the installation of “PARTS” by Atlanta Air Authority for 30 days or as otherwise indicated in writing.

The Atlanta Air Authority STANDARD LIMITED SINGLE-FAMILY RESIDENTIAL WARRANTY for the labor on “New Equipment Installation” is 2 years from the date of substantial completion or as otherwise indicated in writing.

The Atlanta Air Authority STANDARD LIMITED COMMERCIAL WARRANTY for the labor on “New Equipment Installation” is 1 year from the date of substantial completion or as otherwise indicated in writing.

The Atlanta Air Authority STANDARD LIMITED MULTI-FAMILY WARRANTY for the labor on “New Equipment Installation” is 1 year from the date of substantial completion or as otherwise indicated in writing.

All “New Equipment Installation” diagnostic fees are excused for one year after the installation date (the “New Equipment Warranty Period”). After the expiration of the New Equipment Warranty Period, the customer is responsible for paying a diagnostic fee for all service calls. Any repairs to the new equipment performed during the New Equipment Warranty Period will be covered under labor warranty; however, exclusions apply, including items not included with the installation of the new equipment or outside the scope of the installation of the new equipment as well as maintenance items such as filters, water panels, and coil cleanings.

All Atlanta Air Authority labor warranties for “New Equipment Installation” are NON-TRANSFERRABLE and cover the owner of the residence as of the installation date (the “Current Owner”) except as otherwise agreed in writing. Also unless otherwise agreed in writing, should the Current Owner sell the property during the New Equipment Warranty Period, at Atlanta Air Authority’s option, the labor warranty will revert to a STANDARD LIMITED WARRANTY of 2 year on residential properties and 1 year for commercial properties.

Atlanta Air Authority makes no other warranties, express or implied, and its agents or technicians are not authorized to make any such warranties on behalf of Atlanta Air Authority. No warranty for equipment, materials, or labor, whether written, implied, or otherwise, shall apply until Atlanta Air Authority has been paid in full. All warranty periods begin at the date of substantial completion.

DISCLAIMER: Atlanta Air Authority, Inc. reserves the right to void a warranty and charge for service performed during the warranty period if Atlanta Air Authority observes indications of neglect. It is the customer’s sole responsibility to maintain their equipment or hire a certified professional to maintain their equipment. Standard filters (including pleated 90 day filters) are recommended to be visually checked or changed every 30 to 45 days to make sure that air flow is not blocked. Longer life media filters need to be changed according to the manufacturer’s specifications and visually checked every 4 to 6 months. Atlanta Air Authority offers a maintenance service (Comfort Club), as we do require that you subscribe to our service to honor your labor warranties. Also, the equipment manufacturer may require maintenance records to honor their warranties. Please see links below or visit your equipment manufacturer’s website for more details about equipment warranties.

For more information on a few of the common manufacturer warranties please follow the links below

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*PARTS are defined as replaceable components inside of serialized equipment

**EQUIPMENT is defined as serialized furnaces, condensers, heat pumps, evaporator coils, air handlers, package units, and others noted with a manufacture’s serial number. This does not apply to compressors which are serialized but classified as PARTS.

***MULTI-FAMILY RESIDENTIAL (also known as multi dwelling unit or MDU) is a classification of housing where multiple separate housing units for residential inhabitants are contained within one building or several buildings within one complex

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