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Warranty FAQ

Q: What is the difference between the equipment or parts warranty and the labor warranty?

  • A:   The equipment or parts warranty is provided by the manufacturer of the equipment. Goodman, Rheem, Trane, etc. all warranty their own equipment. Atlanta Air Authority is an approved dealer for these manufacturers and we support their warranties with our labor. When we install equipment we back our workmanship with our labor warranty that is separate from the manufacturer. There are extended warranties available from the manufacturer that will cover labor in some instances, more about that below.

Q: Do I have to pay a trip fee if I have an Atlanta Air Authority labor warranty?

  • A:  For the first year there is no diagnostic fee with any issues related to the installation of the equipment we installed. If the tech finds that the issue reported isn’t related to our workmanship then they will charge for their services. Sometimes we can’t find this out until we are on site with you. If you have an Atlanta Air Authority labor warranty after the first year you will be charged a trip fee but you will not be charged for any work done on the equipment you purchased. In some cases this fee is waved.

Q: Why does my equipment need to be registered?

  • A:  Equipment manufacturers require registration with them to track their warranties. In order to get the extra years of their warranty. All manufacturers differ but most have a standard of 5 years parts warranties. By registering the serial numbers they extend these warranties at no extra cost.

Q: Can I register the equipment myself?

  • A:  Yes you can but we register it for you as a courtesy to ensure you have those extra years of warranty coverage.

Q: How long does it take to get my warranty registration paperwork back from Atlanta Air Authority?

  • A:  Typically a couple weeks, say 2 to 3 weeks usually but this can fluctuate depending on volume but we send out the papers confirming your registration. Additionally these forms can be found on the manufacturer’s warranty lookup page as well.

Q: Are there options for extended warranties?

  • A:  Some manufacturers offer an extended warranty option. They all come at a cost and some are much better than others. Typically we only deal with the Goodman Asure warranties (Only available on Goodman Equipment) because have the best deal for our customers.

Q: I have an Asure warranty. What does it cover?

  • A:  The Asure warranty only covers the serialized equipment. So all the parts inside of those pieces of equipment are covered. It doesn’t cover the other materials used to install the equipment. For example, if you purchased a full split system (Condenser, Coil, and Furnace) with an Asure warranty then it doesn’t cover the line set, the disconnect box, the water safeties. Those would full under the normal parts warranty we extend to those materials with the purchase of the system.

Q: Do i pay a diagnostic fee if I have an Asure Warranty?

  • A:  If you purchased equipment from Atlanta Air Authority and you have an Asure warranty with it then no you do not pay the diagnostic fee but if you purchased an Asure warranty elsewhere and have chose Atlanta Air Authority to service your equipment there is a diagnostic fee for the visits.

Q: What happens with the equipment warranty if I sell my home?

  • A:  Well that depends on the manufacturer. They all have slightly different options available but for the most part they all revert back to a standard “unregistered" warranty. The best thing to do is contact their customer service/ consumer affairs departments before selling your home to find out what your options are.

Q: What is the difference between a residential warranty and commercial warranty?

  • A:  Residential warranties are longer than commercial warranties. Commercial equipment isn’t eligible for the registration extension of warranty and will always revert back to the standard warranty.

Q: I have a rental house, is this considered residential or commercial?

  • A:  Manufacturers consider this commercial. The residential warranties are for primary residences. If you have a rental home and a warranty claim is put against that property it may be denied if it is outside of the standard warranty terms if it is not your primary residence.

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