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It’s getting hot which in HVAC speak means Tune-Up season. But you dont want to pay someone to come out and do the work when you feel confident in yourself. I get it. As a homeowner who feels pretty handy and mechanically inclined, I will try to do most everything on my own… with […]

Memorial day is a reflection on many things depending on who you are speaking with. To many it is a day to remember those men and women who laid down their lives and made the ultimate sacrifice to defend our freedom. To others it is the “un-official” start to Summer and pool season for […]

Can Lights, the modern way to hang your ceiling lights. Dont get me wrong its a clean looks and I myself prefer them for the most part. Yea its nice to have a chandelier by the front door or a hanging fixture over the dinner table but for the other rooms and hall ways… […]

Before we get started, this isnt anything like the new “vaping” trend for smokers. DeVAP, or Deciccant Enhanced Evaporative, is a truly game changing technology in the HVAC world that provides the same cold air we all love and desire but for a much lower energy cost compared to conventional refrigerant based A/C units. […]

Long story short… the end of R-22 is inevitable so its on you to decide whether to embrace the change now or wait it out as long as possible. The old phrase “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” may be what most of you are thinking as you read through this. But being […]

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“Excellent service! Great prices!! We will use them for all our HVAC needs.”

Laura Robison Steiner - April 29, 2017
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