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Hey there, Ken Summers here.

With Memorial Day behind us, summer is in full swing. Typically, it’s a busy season for HVAC contractors with homeowners needing help with their air conditioning.

However, there’s more to being a successful HVAC contractor than simply riding the seasonal demand such as repairing/replacing an AC unit that breaks during the summertime. […]

In a recent ACHR news cover story, ACHR contributor Samantha Sine writes about the growing importance of ventilation for healthy, comfortable homes. It’s one thing to have top-notch HVAC equipment (e.g. AC unit, furnace), but ventilation (e.g. ductwork) is what actually distributes and circulates conditioned air throughout the home. Read the full ACHR News […]

Alright, I don’t know about you but we may have completely skipped Spring and jumped straight into Summer in the Midwest. Summer time is just around the corner and that means A/C time so let’s make sure your unit is running at its best so you can benefit from lower utility bills, enhance IAQ […]

Seems like everything is moving to wireless and thermostats are no stranger. The smart version of these devices aren’t necessarily new to the market as they have been around for more than a decade but there are homes still using the basic models; some aren’t even programmable. When we first moved into our home, we […]

The NCAA championship is over but that doesnt mean basketball is done for the season. The NBA Finals start tomorrow. In the spirit, it’s always fun to talk about who the greatest team was in any sport, or if you had free reign to pick any combination of players from any era to be […]

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“Excellent service! Great prices!! We will use them for all our HVAC needs.”

Laura Robison Steiner - April 29, 2017
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