AAA Comfort Club & HVAC Tune Ups

AAA Comfort Club

Atlanta Air Authority’s AAA Comfort Club should be an essential part of your HVAC system life which is your home’s most expensive appliance. You wouldn’t drive your car with out getting your oil changed would you? Many manufacturers require records of maintenance before they will honor their warranties. Changing filters is just part of making sure your system is healthy. Let us take care of your comfort.

Standard One Time Tune Ups

A standard tune up is a one time visit. There is no agreement or built in discounts for repairs if needed. Commercial tune ups are a little more than residential and sometimes require taller ladders. Filters are often not included and the typical price is $75 per system for residential and $129 for commercial per system.

Why Planned Maintenance?

Maintaining your equipment is essential. Your heating and cooling system is the most expensive appliance in your home and keeping it in shape will help control bills and could extend it’s life. There are many components of your system that need special attention. Having your heating and cooling units checked at least twice a year is recommended for best health of your system.

Standard  Maintenance Agreements

Residential agreements are 12 months and do not automatically renew. Two visits are included and will be scheduled around six months apart. Call 678-215-6789 for details. Commercial agreements are 12 months and do not automatically renew. We typically would like to do a site visit to quote, two visit and four visit options are available.


20 Point Inspection

– Check and inspect heat exchanger

– Clean and adjust burner assembly

– Clean ignition assembly

– Monitor flue draft

– Monitor refrigerant pressure

– Test starting capabilities

– Test safety controls

– Clean or replace standard air filters*

– Basic monitoring for correct air flow

– Tighten electrical connections

– Measure volts/amps

– Lubricate all moving parts

– Adjust thermostat calibration

– Check thermostat batteries

– Basic cleaning of condenser coil

– Clean condensate drains

– Measure temperature difference

– Adjust gas pressure

– Adjust pilot

– Monitor cooling cycle in spring and heating cycle in fall


AAA Comfort Club Also Includes 10% Off Repairs 5% Off Equipment Replacement Standard 1″ filters included


Standard filters include: 16x20x1, 16x25x1, 20x20x1, 20x25x1

Not all systems require all check points, the 21 listed above above are the most common.

There may be additional charges for specialty filters or services not included in the standard agreement. Please consult your AAA tech when he arrives to your home.