blog4Air quality is the cleanliness of the air circulating in your home. Dust particles, micro-organisms and mites can be found floating in your home’s air cycle. There are certain devices that can help increase the quality of the air in your home and ensure you’re breathing in clean air. The most effective piece of equipment is the media filter. The typical standard filter in an system is one inch thick and comprised of fibers that do not restrict air flow hardly at all. The media filter comes in dozens of varieties. There’s different thickness to the material itself and different materials as well. Almost every company has their own brand. When choosing a media alternative filter there are many things to consider. The price of the filter can be a major factor but since the life span of these filters can be up to 10 times a normal filter then the price difference offsets. The MERV rating is the efficiency of the filter. a higher rating should allow for fewer particles making it through but this also has an effect of restricting air flow. This is why a qualified designer must be consulted to make sure the proper filtration is chosen for the system in the home.





Other products to consider are UV lights. These devices are designed to destroy microorganisms with full direct ultraviolet light. There are many different types of UV light mounts as well. There’s good and bad things about each and no true right answer. It depends on each home owner’s preference. The ultraviolet light can create ozone in your system and actually cause a smell that some people find unpleasant. The air is completely safe and generally 99.9% free of microorganisms if the lights are in working order and well placed. The bulbs in these lights generally last about a year and can be pricey so check with your HVAC tech if you’ve had these installed to verify they are still working properly.